Bone Grafting

Dental x-rays

Bone in the facial area is constantly remodeling itself. When severe periodontal disease causes bone loss, teeth become mobile which makes them more susceptible to loss. Bone grafting can regenerate bone around the tooth to stabilize it.

When the tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted, it is imperative that the socket the tooth was once in be preserved. If not, the bone starts to resorb (melt) away. This can cause your facial features to sag, resulting in a more aged appearance.

Bone grafting may be required to address these concerns in a patient’s mandible (jaw). Bone grafting is a form of reconstructive surgery that helps to generate and rebuild bone and increase bone density. If dental implants are indicated, bone grafting can be used to reverse bone loss or enhance bone height. This is important to prepare the site for the small post that is embedded into the mandible that begins the implant process. Additionally, Dr. Rowe uses platelet rich fibrin in combination with a bone graft to promote the site to heal faster.