What to Expect for Lip-Tie & Tongue-Tie

Dear Parent/Guardian/Caregiver,

We are experts in the procedure to release tongue-ties and lip-ties. We rely on experts in feeding/speech to assess functionality and provide care for rehabilitation afterward. Additionally, since this procedure affects muscles, we recommend bodywork 48 hours before the procedure to prepare both the muscles and nervous system for this, often dramatic, change. We have found that the whole process goes far more smoothly, and everyone is happier with this multifaceted approach. If it is not followed, we cannot ensure optimal results from the procedure alone.

We will provide educated expectations as well as bodywork the day of the consultation. We recommend calling ahead with any questions or concerns regarding insurance and payment so that you can focus on your child and our care, the day of. Be prepared to spend the evening after the procedure at home focused on comforting your child. They will be dedicated to practicing new skills (such as nursing a lot). We know that you may be nervous or apprehensive and that is understandable. Most parents are surprised at just how resilient babies can be! Remember that this is something you’re doing for your baby to enable a lifetime of health and wellbeing! We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide what you need so that you can feel confident in our care. Dr. Rowe has been through this experience with his own children and is happy to help in any way he can.

Dr. Rowe and the Southern Roots Team